To clean or not to clean??

A dilemma that every person living in Pakistan faces at one time or another is the absence and/or dealing with the maid in general. As help is available at very decent monthly rates,a lot of us are accustomed to this lifestyle. We overly depend on the help to do our chores around the house. Now, living in Karachi pollution ain’t no joke. It means that the choked atmosphere forces us to dust n clean the furniture, mop the floors and wash the bathrooms on a daily basis. Lets not forget the Kitchen.

I remember doing all these chores myself while I was living abroad. But the Karachi air has brainwashed me so, that I can not possibly comprehend doing them now. The system has left us paralyzed to the point that if the maids leave the job our days n possibly weeks are spent fretting about the loss.

We have been going through this dilemma since past few months, calling in new contestants, training them, examining them, shortlist. And then comes the excessive salary demands, bargaining,adjusting, negotiating.. the battle seems endless.

At this point I feel it’s just more convenient to do the chores yourself. Instead of looking for someone perfect to do the work your way.

Deep down, Still in search of help 😉


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