Minion Birthday!

So, after 22 months of trying to get my baby to watch cartoons.. he finally settled for the Despicable Me Franchise.

To be honest I was SO relieved! I could finally get 15 minutes of alone time (that is how long his attention would remain on the TV in one go).

Just in time for Hamad’s 2nd Birthday. I didn’t need to think twice about the theme. Wasting no time, I finalised a MINIONS cake a month! In advance. And MashAllah it turned out exactly as I wanted it.

My sister, after seeing the pictures said, “It seems as if PiNTEREST EXPLODED at the party”.

Moving on to some of the detailings I did for the theme:

The Picture backdrop


I opted for a Blue n Yellow balloons Arch along with a #2 Balloon for detailing.

For further decor, I added a multi picture frame with pictures of Hamad, my Hubby and I on Console around which the arch was made. Also, I made Minions Goodie Bags and placed them there along with Minion crockery, party caps, whistles, snow spray, Minion Cookies and Cake Pops.

Minion Cookies




Minion Cake Pops


The Cake


Goody Bags


And a couple other deets



Thanks for dropping by!



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