NewlyWed Dilemmas

So I realised that in todays “Independent Women” World… young women don’t have time to train to be a (supposedly) perfect Housewife. Well according to the Desi culture norms that is…They are busy with school or a business or job… They can’t sew, cook and clean the way the previous generation of women (who were not only Expected to, but they were obligedddd to know those things). To be able to make the perfect round roti meant you were Jawaan and ready to be married off.

Today? Today there is a ghost that lurks around the newlywed brides. As soon as they are over the 4-7 day extravagant wedding… the reality sets in. Now, there is a custom of Kheer (Rice Pudding) in most Desi families depending on the family… the Bride get to chill, relax, enjoy her honeymoon period… wear her nice clothes n jewelry all day…this could last from 1 week to 1 month. After which she has to make Kheer for the family along with dinner.

Now coming to.. the ghost…

What is she gonna make? 

How will she manage?

From which side are you supposed to cut the onionnnn?

How long to sauté the tomatoes?

Do I put the carrots in first or the Green onion? (A legit question i was asked reg. Fried rice)

People really do have these questions.. i mean there is a reason there are so many cooking shows and blogs and pinterest pins…

This thought came to me when a newlywed friend was asked by her hubby to make a delicious desi meal for friends n family… and having moved all the way to Australia… she didnt have backup.. so.. coincidently I was online and she asked me for a few tips n recipies..

So.. I thought HEy why not share my little experiences n delicious recipe finds with all the lovely mommies n wifeys out there?!!!!

Disclaimer: I am no chef. I just have a luv for cooking… I find it therapeutic.. I dunt exactly invent them.. just over the years I have collected them and tried them from various sources …my mom, aunts, tv shows, my mom in law.. and then some…internet… Time to time I add some spices n sauces here n there to make it my own…

What I have felt is that most girls who are new at this game want to go for a recipe that is Known to them… they r afraid to try out things off the internet.. so I will be posting some easy peezy recipies from MY diary that I have tried and tested and vouch for…

Keep watching this space!





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