Dreams Deadline

How many of us have set deadlines or time limits to our goals and dreams? (Raises hand-guilty)

I always presumed that there is a Cookie Cutter Timeline for all. Same size same shape..  but as I am growing older. . I realise that is not the case at ALL.

Really, it is OK to arrive later than someone else… it is OK to achieve your targets slightly off the timeline. Some things just come with age I guess. With people who have this sort of mentality, life is a constant state of battle. They feel “behind” and under estimate themselves.

But oh Dear, don’t you understand? Your real competition is YOU. You should be comparing yourself not to others but the previous version of yourself. I believe as long as you are striving to be a better person, better version of your self, you are Perfect.

Perfection doesnt have to be a point from where there is no where else to go. It should a place where you think “ok how can I make it better”. As long as you are trying, that is all that matters. The only difference between a loser and a winner is the # of tries. If you keep hustling, you will succeed. Doesn’t matter how long it takes. Don’t judge yourself based on how soon or fast another person “got it”.

God has written many different stories. Your’s doesn’t have to match your neighbors’, or friends or even your siblings. I know many twins. And though their faces are identical, they have led very different lives.

In the midst of comparisons, we have slowly forgot what we wanted. We are so overwhelmed with another person’s success that we start walking on their path. Wait. Wait and think about it, they are happy and successful because they are doing something they love. Something they are good at. And maybe they faced hardships but chose not to let it dictate their life. They chose THeir Dreams and goals and focused on them. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Work hard for your dreams and goals. Do what makes you proud and happy.

Take your time.

Don’t stop if you face failure when approaching your dreams.  Take a deep breath and try again.



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