Galawati Kebabs

So my dad’s side makes crazyyyy Dam k kababs. They are like Pros at it! Eventually my mom adapted the recipe too. And no doubt i was obsessed with them. Every time she would make em, it would feel like a partyyy🎉🎉

But me being me, I added and subtracted a bunch of ingredients and made it my own..

Not to brag 😆 but now, my Mom also admits that my way is so much better. So I thought I should share my Go-to Keema (minced meet) Recipe.

Difficulty Level: Medium


Keema 0.75 kg (Red meat)


1 cup Yogurt

12-15 green chilli

1 tsp Garam Masala

1 large Onion

Salt to taste

Mix into Keema.


Around 4 tblsp sautéd & ground Channa ( or use besan if u have lying around)

2 medium onions fried until golden brown and crushed

1.5 tsp sabud Dhanya Sauté and chop

2-3 tblsp Ginger Garlic paste

2-3 tblsp choped raw papaya or Meat tenderizer

Marinate this delicious mix for like 3-4 hours.. sometimes i leave it in longer if i can.. but it HAS to be Atleasttttt 2 hrs. It really brings out the flavor.

Now, i have cooked it in various diff ways..

U may lay it out on a baking tray.. grease it and Bake it for  45 mins -1hr.

Or you can add oil in a Wok, add the marinated keema.. and cook on medium heat until keema is cooked!!

In the end dont forget to add Coal dhooni for the BBQ effect.

Serve with Naan, raita and onion!!!






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