Ramadan Kareem


I have been out of the picture for the past Month.

With a Full time job, a toddler, a kitchen to look after..and then Ramadan starting, my plate was over flowinggg.

It is the most peaceful time of the year for Muslims. They fast not only to understand the pangs of hunger felt by the poor around the world, but to ensure purity of character..purification of heart, controlling the tongue etc.

With Ramadan comes the amazing treats also! The yummy Iftars and the dressing in your best clothes.. and let us not forget the Eid shopping.

With all the Positivity and happiness that is spread all over the world in this Month.. I was noticing some people spreading negativity.. and it is so annnoying. People should be more caring and understanding. Tolerance people. It Is a Thing! Practice it.

This Ramadan, lets make a pact.

Let’s Not judge anyone for “suddenly” practicing Islam.

Let’s not force our women to slave away in the kitchen.

Let’s not make unnecessary demands of our juniors at work.

Relax. Chill. And remember that fasting is not just for the stomach. It is for your heart too.






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