Struggles of a Working Homemaker

People like to believe that men and women are equal.

Well. News flash. They are not.

The biggest difference between a man and a woman is that women are, in general, multi-taskers. As difficult as it may be for some girls to tap into it, believe me you have it in yourself to do a bunch of different and totally non related tasks all at once. It just comes naturally to us.

We can be in the worst of our mood swings and yet manage to wake up early, make breakfast, make lunch for the kids, wake the kids up..get them ready for school, wake up hubby.. get ready ourselves, AND THEN get to WORK on time. Yes we are capable of it.

Every day is a struggle! but you gotta hustle.. hustle hard all the time. no matter how difficult it may seem. My advice to all the young women out there is to try and manage a little bit of themselves and add a little ME-TIME in your schedule.

I know you are a Mom, Wife, Daughter but you are a “ME” too.  Do not forget yourself in the midst of these responsibilities.

LIVE your age !!! And adjust your routine to suit YOU. Stop compromising your life and dreams for others. And trust me, right now you would feel that you are doing it (sacrificing) for people you love. Eventually that feeling will turn into resentment. You will regret all the time you wasted slaving away without any appreciation and recognition.

Manage your time smartly. It is possible and many women do it. There is no excuse for you to not work out, read a magazine/book, go out with a friend or wear makeup to work. It is the little things that can lift your mood. Make a schedule and stick to it.

hehe I know some of you want to sleep in, so DO THAT! Do what ever you think would make you Happier and recharge your batteries to work and perform harder and better the next time you go into the pool of responsibilities.



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