“Aunty Shame-y”

Thats right. That is what my To-Be 3 year old said to me when he saw Sunny Leone’s latest music video.

Over the weekend we were chilling and watching ETC (music channel) to see the upcoming movies that I could look fwd to…had the usual snacking thing going on.. and suddenly this song comes on “Hug Me”. Not to forget that besides the suggestive choreography, Sunny Item songs tend to acquire their inspiration from Beyoncé Music Videos.  So you can imagine the attire that Ms. Leone is in. How are people even accepting her? it is beyond my comprehension.

I frantically search for the DishTv Remote.. but before I have a chance to change the channel my baby says “Mamma Aunty Shame-y hain”. Shame-y is a word I taught him for all things shameful. Like not pulling your shirt up in public, or quickly wearing the diaper/undies after the bathroom trip. And sometimes if he doesn’t listen to me (guilty) in public, I say you are doing a SHAME-Y! 🙂 So yea. Basically a little Kid has a better judgement of what should be considered shameful as compared to adults. We watch these things and they don’t tend to bother us as much.. but now that I think about it… Remember the time when you would shy away when one of such scenes/music videos came up and your parents were in the room???

What has the world come to? I swear when I was younger and I used to watch all these random shows, I remember my mother used to FLIP OUT! she HATED them. She used to say “Beta ye sab deemagh kharab karta hai” (Daughter, these things will pollute your mind”. And my reply to it every time would be “Relax mom. It is just a show.”

But now that I am totally Adult-ing (or desperately trying to) I am like WTH! MOM WAS RIGHT. Good thing she doesn’t read this blog or she’d smirk and say “I told you so” I can so see it in my head. Maybe i’ll Skype and let her know still. It would make her happy 🙂 or not (will decide later).

Coming back to the point. It is true! we are generally born with a clean mind. But when you watch these things on a regular basis, you tend to be OK with it. The things that used to bother you before are a no big deal after a while. eEk. and I’m not even talking from a religious perspective. Think of all the mental,emotional impacts on your mind. and Your child’s mind..

I am not even gonna start on these Teenage Dramas that have so much sex, drugs and rock and roll that its mind boggling. I mean seriously? where DO high school students get the time and energy for all this drama? When I was in high school my biggest concern was my Eyebrows. Well that and my grades, and which colleges to apply to.. safety schools and what not. EVERY single dayyyy was spent worrying about pop quizzes and Literature Essays and AP exams. What schools are these? and what KIDsss are these? Why do they have such middle-aged problems in their teen ages? the little time that I GOt after school was spent chilling with my besties.. we did talk boys time to time but it wasn’t the center of our lives. much. simpler. times. i tell you.

I just hate that my son has to grow up in an environment that objectifies women like they do… I hope he gets to experience and practice the gentleman-y romance and old age chivalry. i’m afraid, like our generation is used to so much already, what would happen in the future? We don’t even object to anything anymore. Our minds are fed this ..this.. you know.. messed Up reality. and we eat it up like we don’t have any brains.

fingers crossed & hoping for a generation that maintains at least some morals passed down..


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