Detoxing your way through a Bad Day

Sunday night I went to a fancy restaurant in the hoity toity part of Karachi. The East End. They had everything a foodie could ask for. the ambiance, the music, courteous servers and a 5-course meal, served along side amazing fruit slush shots! and none other than DETOX WATER.

That is right, they brought a fancy jar filled with Mint, Lemon and Cucumbers, and right in front of your eyes they open up a fresh bottle of mineral water and make your detox delight.


What was beautiful about the Meal plan was that everything just came together like puzzle pieces. A bite of yummy green chilies filled with tamarind sauce (not for you if you are not a fan of spicy food) followed by a sip of fruit slush and a casual sip of the detox water here and there. mMmmmMmmm

In short, it was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it to people who love to explore different flavors and experiences.

You can make your own 0-calorie flavored Detox Water at home.

  1. Cut up cucumbers, slice 1 lemon, a little piece of ginger and throw in a couple of Mint leaves. Great for weight loss, it flushes toxins right outta your body and! leaves you with a flat tummy. Welcome Crop TOPS!
  2. (My Favorite) Fruity– sliced Lemon, slices of Orange, and few cut up strawberries! you may switch up the combinations as you like. Different fruits can be used for different citrus-y Yummy-ness.

What started off as a diet plan routine 8 months ago,  turned into a thing of entertainment at my workplace. It was such a coincident that the very next day (Monday) when I come to work, one of my good friends/colleagues had her very own detoxing bottle going on. I was so excited! it’s like we were TWINS! lol we think a like.. not once but so many times this happened. I’m just glad I have a partner now who would constantly remind me throughout the day to finish my bottle of this cucumber deliciousness…   Cheers!

You can easily find the detox water bottles like in the pic below at your local store or even online. IF NOT? don’t fret! Just use any regular bottle you have lying around at home!






The pictures are not mine and MAMA.WIFEY.ME claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. 


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