The White Biryani

Fridays are our cheat days at work. Since we have a longer lunch hour, we prefer going out to somewhere nice. This week our gang was short by 2 members so we thought “hmm lets just order in”.

After an hour of contemplation, we decided to go for the very much raved about The White Biryani. That IS the name. The biryani is made in yummilicious green masalas and is very different than your usual yellow Sindhi or Bombay Biryani. I had asked them to make mine medium spicy and they made it JUST RIGHT! As soon as the parcel arrived I wanted to dig in. The aroma was too tempting. I loved how there was a distinct layer of white rice and Green masala so that I could mix according to my taste. We ordered 2 of their Single serving Deals and it only cost like Rs. 620!! and there was plenty of food for 3 people.

Although it was no match for Food Center Biryani, I do highly recommend it to everyone. It was a great experience and I’ll definitely be trying it again with the family.


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