Urgent Warning

I was talking to a much younger friend earlier and I couldn’t help but say “oh Man you have no idea what life would be like 6 years down the road. You still have some major Maturing-up to do. Try an be more practical.” Her point of view was more fresh and jolly compared to mine (reasons I hang out with her). Her vision does not care much for the future it was more fixated on the NOW (as are most people in their late Teens and Early 20’s).

While we were talking and I was “warning” her regarding some *ish …I caught myself thinking “I should try to share whatever little wisdom I have gathered so far…specially with the younger generation so that maybe they don’t make the same mistakes I did”.

And then I was like woah woah woah… what am I thinking? 704aabe413cbc427253c83c07fa7e331When I was a little girl, my mom used to repeat that like every single day “don’t make the same mistakes I did…” 

Let’s just say, I didn’t always agree with my mother’s apocalyptic methodology (more on that later).

Yet here in my late 20’s… being a mommy myself… I constantly find myself remembering her ways and methods. Maybe now I can comprehend them better?

This beautiful picture could not be more true. SOONER OR LATER WE ALL QUOTE OUR MOTHERS. 

When she would constantly instruct me not to repeat her mistakes I used to think “Yea Right! Why do you say that? How is that possible? ”

Yet, now as I ‘m growing older, I realize that every human being develops this URGENCY. They WANT to warn people about things because they themselves have gone through and faced the consequences of their idiotic not-so-smart decisions.  It is a syndrome most common in women I believe. Men tend to keep to themselves mostly. They don’t like to meddle into other people’s business.

Now I know this is not just me. SO MANY people feel this way. Trust me I have asked, I am nosy like that 😛

To learn from other people’s experiences is not something that everyone can adopt. Every person has a different personality. I am not saying this habit can’t be developed, but mostly it is an innate characteristic… to be Cautious. It is something I feel in my self, I have felt it all my life. Now, I see it in my 3 year old. In short, what I have realized is that some things in life you can only experience ; then only can you begin to learn the lessons.





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