Proposal Disaster

So, I went to a close relatives funeral last month. It was a loss for the whole family. What I did not realize was that through this hard time I will manage to laugh out loud. Yes, what I am about to disclose is a shocking insight into the Rishta (Proposal)/Aunty Culture in Pakistan.

One of the deadly places where the desi aunties hunt for girls for their sons is… Funerals. I know, SHOCKING, but apparently any gathering in our community calls for an instant quest of Rishta Hunt. Some lady apparently approached my Aunt and inquired  about some girl she saw at the funeral (to send a proposal) . Turns out, that “girl”  was me 😀 So my Aunt laughed it off and told her that not only was I married, I had a kid. So, much to her dismay, she continued on her hunt for the Perfect Bahu (Daughter-in-law).

My question to the society is where have you guys been?

Really. When my mom was actually looking for me to get married, it seemed like an endless battle! Seriously.  I think some girls are just lucky if they do get approached in a regular (well..) setting. I know people who have gotten married literally by being approached by some random aunty at a wedding.  The whole coming to the house, meeting the whole family individually, serving Tea & Samosas is just too demeaning.

For additional gossip please read Coffee, Tea or Samosa


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