Be your own Happily Ever After

Majority of people spend half their lives depending on others. They go day by day confused as to why they are never truly happy or satisfied.

At this stage of my life, when I’m about to exit the 20s era, I am finally beginning to realize that the true happiness comes from within. And not everyone is lucky enough to have an innate mentality that supports this chore. You have to make a conscious effort in order to not compare your self to others and not to submit to the standards that are set my society.

We, as girls in a Desi (South Asian) culture, are taught so many things, irrelevant things.

How to be a Lady;
How to behave;
How to dress;
How to cook & clean;
How to constantly struggle to land a Potential husband (without which you are incomplete and a loser);
How to win in-laws hearts,
How to how to how to…

To name a few. All this  and not ONE of them teaches you that you are important too. You are the only person who can LOVE you 100%. If you are not going to set your own standards for yourself, then someone else will. And trust me when someone else does it, you will never be up to the mark hence making you feel like you are never good enough.

be-youHappiness can’t depend on an external source. It needs to come from within. You can only be truly at peace if YOU are your true love.

Love your self first.

Give EVERYTHING to yourself. Work hard for your self.


Remind your self regularly;

You are a whole person.

You are not incomplete.

You do not need another human to complete you.

It is nice to have someone in your life that you love truly and who loves you back. All I need …as a reminder to myself.. and for every girl out there, love truly and deeply but love yourself first. Put yourself first. No one (except for maybe your mommy) will love you the way you are capable of loving your self.



2 thoughts on “Be your own Happily Ever After

  1. I agree with you… Unless we love ourselves first, we won’t be able to see who really loves us back. The person who really loves you, will never ask you to change yourself according to some standard defined by the society.

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