Your Career Doesn’t Define You

“Yea. Sure.” is what I used to think every time I heard that.

I have had have a strong tendency to define myself according to what stage my career is at. That is why when I got sick, it was worse than Cancer for me. Cause Cancer was physical. It was being treated. There was no treatment for my Mind. I was convinced that some how I was getting late…delayed…falling behind my peers. No one could un-convince me.

There is no medicine for that.

It was not so bad when I resigned from my Dream job when I had my son, Hamad. Because he kept me occupied. (we all know what that means…)

It did not just start suddenly when I was in my 20’s. It was in-built, it comes naturally in my personality. I was competitive in school… at home I started cooking at a young age; so competitive in kitchen. In all different aspects of life. As I am growing older I see it more and more as a personality flaw. I often catch my self thinking “Maybe if I studied this” or “maybe if I worked there…” or ” I am not successful enough for my age”

My hubby dearest was the one to point it out in the beginning of our marriage. He noted that “You are too hard on your self, not everyone has the same story, not everyone has the same path. You make your own story.”

His approach to life was so subtle and accepting. But then again, I give the credit to being in your 30’s. 20’s is about regrets and what ifs. As I am hurriedly approaching my 30’s, I am trying to slowly develop that habit as well. It is one of the things I admire about him. He taught me how to relax time to time.

As I said, it is extremely difficult for me to do it, but I am definitely on the way to finally start accepting the fact that not All stories are same. You can’t expect to work for a multinational aviation company like that profile of the woman you were stalking on LinkedIn. Or that pharmaceutical company that ranked #3 and how you desperately gave interviews there.

It is okay…More than OK to set amazing goals for your self. You must at all times believe the best is coming. But you must also learn to accept the fact that it is not a cookie-cutter career path that makes you successful. It will be different than the ones you see on LinkedIn.

And trust me the only method to find true success is to be happy with what you are doing. You will never get ahead in life doing something you are not passionate about. Passion is the only vital difference between Just Doing a Daily Job like a routine. Something you don’t even pay attention to. When you are passionate about a job, you put your blood and sweat in it. Your task consumes the mind and it is all you think about.

Every few months, the feeling hits me again. But this time… I know it is coming; I am prepared. Always remember.

“Your Job does not define you. It is just what you do.” ~someone I can’t remember 🙂

We sometimes direct our selves towards our peers; in search of assurance. Believe me you don’t need it. As much as you think you do. Always believe in your self and know that what makes YOU happy is what is important. Just learn to listen to your heart more than the voices of others.



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