Having Friends who tell their mom everything

There is nothing wrong with that. Being friends with your mom is a blessing (I believe). I personally was never that close to my mom to tell her ALL about what was on my mind, but I surely have had a fair share of friends who do.

Their attachment was alien to me. I never understood it. For me, Mothers were just that; Mothers. Mothers were authoritarians and Compliance Officers. Friends were the people you shared your crushes with, or experimented shiny makeup with, or laughed-till-you-cried  with…

In fact one of my cousins was like that. It was the 3 of us; born the same year. We lived apart, but used to have a blast every time we got together. Eventually I started noticing how 1 of them was telling my aunt EVERY thing. And then … I sort of drifted apart. I just was not comfortable. If I wanted my Aunt ( and as a result my mom) knowing everything I would have told her myself, thank you very much.

In light of recent events I realized, a friend of mine has been discussing “ME stories” with her Mother. And I don’t understand how that is OKAY. If I am entrusting you with my feelings and secrets, they should go to your grave. And that is how I am. I never let my mom … or my husband… go through my Facebook inbox or my mails or Whatsapp messages. They are places where my friends share their thoughts and deepest concerns with me. And they are for me. ME only. Not for me to discuss and gossip with around my family when I am bored.

Some people really need to understand the concept of Trust. It is embarrassing for me to even point it out because it is not something you can not teach any one. The best possible way is to avoid such scenarios.

slightly annoyed.


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