Chicken Stock to Eliminate Dry cough/flu/whining :)

Argh! I hate being sick… as I ‘m sure everyone does. But you know what I mean? The dry cough, the fever, the body aches PLUS all the regular chores that you absolutely have to do along side with it.

The worst part about being a Grown up sick person is that your mom is not there to make you eat and drink weird tasting soups etc. that eventually end up making you feel better. So 2 days ago, after coughing and whining for 4 days, I finally decided to make Chicken Yakhni (Stock) the desi version; 99% guarantee that you would feel better after this!

You will need:

1/2-1 kg Chicken (with bones)
4-6 Black Pepper
4-6 Cloves
A super tiny piece of Ginger
Salt to taste
1-2 cinnamon stick

Makes around 3 cups.

Place in a pot with around 6 cups of water ( like twice the amount of stock you want left at the end). Bring to boil, for 2 minutes. Then simmer on low heat for 20-25 minutes. It is ready to be served as is.

Or if you are a picky eater like my hubby and I, you could also make it into a proper soup (by adding corn flour and 1 beaten egg and soya sauce/chilli sauce). Don’t forget to take out the black peppercorn and cloves though!

I tried just the simple stock and believe me I feel so much better. I am surprised actually. If you are under the weather, please do try it and let me know if it helped!



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