What we don’t discuss about the Rich,Famous & Successful People

What we don’t know about the Rich,Famous & Successful people is that they are the ones who chose not to give up. The difference between a person who feels he is NOT successful and who IS successful is that the latter is persistent in all his/her endeavors. They believe in the true essence of their goal. If you go through the life stories of people like Bill Gates, Howard Schultz, Jack Ma or Mark Zuckerberg you will see one thing in common: CONSISTENCY. These people never deviated from their end goal. They knew exactly what they wanted and gave it all they had in order to pursue it. The hardest part is to get out of your comfort zone and quit something you are used to in order to explore the unknown.

Some person once said “It is not just the final destination, it is the journey that describes who you are”. As long as you are trying and aiming to become a better version of yourself, you are perfect. Perfect because you strive to be. Perfect because you believe you are!

So you should always 1st figure out what it is you want. And know in your heart that it is do-able. Because if you don’t then who will?




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