Choosing the right school for your child

As a parent, I understand that no one school is ever perfect enough for you to leave your child alone in. There will always be that one little thing you don’t agree with regarding the school policy.

I personally feel I have been super obsessive about choosing schools. As all parents in Karachi (or anywhere else for that matter) know, there is a real struggle involved in selecting the right school for your child …and secondly, having the school accept your child. There are very few “good” schools that provide a balance of quality education and extra curricular activities. Little toddlers are burdened with interviews and tests that judge and analyze their ability to perform as a student. It is worst for the parents. Once you decide the school you want to send your child… you have to hope and pray your child performs well in the test/interview.

So, in search of the perfect school, I started my research. Interviewing parents and kids…going on websites, checking alumni of schools to get a gist of where they are in life post school era and in addition joined a couple Facebook pages/groups with equally stressed parents. Yesterday, on one of these groups, I came across this individual who had posted a list of 4-5 schools and made a plea for help regarding WHICH school is the best?

I was so content that I had finally figured out the answer to that question just a couple days ago. So in short this is what I told them…

In order to choose the “Best” school for your child, and to make the best decision, you first need to understand your requirements. All parents have different set of prerequisites and all children have different needs. Make a list of all the things you look for in a school. Go to different shortlisted schools and ask the management/principle/staff. As personally experienced, there may be some schools who won’t entertain you as much because they are rigid in their methodology and they believe in their own system. You as a parent need to be the same way.

Believe in your checklist and what you require from a school and what you think is beneficial for your child.

After you ask the schools the questions, tick off the checklist. The school that matches your list the most is the one most suitable for you and your child. Simple as that.

There is no need to rely on other parent’s opinions of a school. Every school offers different things and every parental unit has different checklists/goals for their child. Know what you want from the school and base it on your research; not just other’s opinions. I am not saying that you shouldn’t question the parents at ALL. It is Okay to ask regarding the school; to better understand the academic system and other such policies. But do not choose a school because a parent says “it is the BEST SCHOOL”. Because its all subjective. What is best for them, may not be best for you.

Wish me luck with my decision making! I really hope I make the right decision.





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