Decluttering: 2017 edition

WHAT is this talk of clutter and declutter all around town!

Everywhere I turn, there are home organizing gurus on YouTube… posting videos about it, bloggers are writing posts about it, and people are re-posting and discussing it on Facebook/Instagram.

So, after being subconsciously reinforced to re-think the clutter in my room, I finally thought during the last days of December 2016 “hey, maybe its high time I go through my drawers and wardrobe and figure it out”. No it did not happen over night. To be precise, I was thinking this since October 😛

Yes I know and understand exactly how lazy people get to “clean up” around the house. It is a daunting exercise and many people avoid it for as long as possible. I did the same procrastinating; I am human.

So I started off by firstly looking around my room. I wanted to analyze the room to figure out how I could make it better … How could I make the room more visually appealing. Then of course, I thought “I should Pinterest ! in order to figure out what I should/could change. So I Pinterest-ed for like weeks…then! finally I allotted a budget to my new found goal “Bedroom declutter/makeover”

I firstly got rid of (folded and stored in the basement) the super sentimentally beautiful piece of clutter in my room; The Crib. It had been lying there for years and  my son just doesn’t sleep in it. I tried, but some thing or the other would come up and he would be in our bed again.

Eventually I realized it was just sitting there; a storage unit for his toys and laundry that needs folding. Sometimes I’d dump clothes that are too small now and don’t fit…that I plan to either put away or give to charity soon (which hardly ever happens). Usually the bags just sit there in the basement until they catch enough dust to motivate me to finally forward them 😛

I was a woman with a mission. My plan initially was to put up some nice curtains that would give the room a more “together” look…and then move from there. After that, a few more days passed……………… >> to December 31.. I sat there thinking “What happened to my plan? it has been over a month since the curtains… and I sort of just forgot about the clutter!”

So I grabbed a trashcan and went at it. I started with the most easiest “dumping” area…the Bedside tables. It can be overwhelming to start but trust me…just start somewhere..small…or big.. just start. So I went through the 4 drawers ( 2 each side) asking my self:

“Do I really need this?”

“Will I really use it?”

And if the answer was no…in the trash it went.

You won’t believe … after about 20 minutes..i had 1 empty drawer…and another drawer that only has a couple important data cables and phone charger. 🙂 I feel so proud.

Then I moved over to my builtin wardrobe. I haven’t completely finished clearing up that yet. But I am well on my way 🙂 also, an empty shelf in there… how AWESOME is THAT? oooh secretly I can’t wait to fill it up again 😀 with something new…

Honestly. I do understand now ..a lil bit…what the hype is all about… although I must say a person’s sanity and peace of mind do not entirely depend on the cleanliness/junk around them….. but it does help to have a clear space that is visually appealing.

Wish me luck on my de-cluttering plan… and I wish you get the courage to start with your own!




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