Chicken Pox in spite of Vaccination

So I have been absent for some time. Sadly, my son got Chicken Pox.

I am the kind of mom that is always ON TOP of things. I make sure I have alarms set for any up coming doctor’s appointments, I have school events scheduled on my phone, I have a calculated method of when the powder milk will run out, and regardless of having a full time job, I ensure I get him ready for school in the morning.

So you can imagine my shock, when despite ensuring that all the vaccinations have been completed as per age requirements-calling the hospital a gazillionnnnn times to confirm the ones that are not- he got Chicken Pox.

Initially I thought it was just a regular allergic reaction. Yea, I thought that. AND APPARENTLY so do a lot of moms. But luckily just the next day I noticed that the blisters were starting to form.  I immediately took him to see a Dermatologist at one of the biggest hospitals available in our city.

What was shocking for me was the following:

a) Chicken Pox isn’t just triggered, it is usually caught from someone. My poor baby unfortunately got it from his PlayGroup. So when the Dr. said there is a 90% chance he got it from school IF no one at HOME as it, I called the Montessori.

b) When I contacted the school, they immediately checked the students in his class. Turns out a student HAD it and had been coming to school regardless. I was so surprised to know that. I was a little bit furious also. I mean the FIRST thing I did was isolate him. I guess a lot of 1st time mothers really have no clue about it.

So, in the light of that, here is a list of things you should DO and you should NOT do when you feel your child has weird itchy rashes/blisters/varicella:

  1. DO Not. I repeat, Do not send your kid to any public place i.e School, Playground, malls etc. where other kids might have a danger of catching it.
  2. See a Doctor immediately. So you know exactly what your child has and can medicate him accordingly.
  3. Do not give them a shower until you consult a doctor. It would just spread the germs and may even dry out the skin therefore making it itchier.
  4. Spread Neem Tree (Azadirachta indica) leaves all over the sleeping/chilling area of your kid and throw a sheet over it. Neem has antiseptic qualities …plus all the grandmas suggest it so there must be a method to it.
  5. Use Calamine lotion as per Dr’s instructions… do not over do it… again… it may over dry the skin and make it worse…
  6. and the famous.. DO NOT SCRATCH===> It will scar.
  7. Do isolate your kid, keep them in a separate room preferably… clean the room/bathroom regularly… change sheets daily until they Chicken pox is completely gone.

Other than that.. please consult and follow what your dr. has prescribed for your child. Keep him/her safe.. along with other kids. And read a little bit.. it will enhance your common sense!



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