A kind heart

“a kind heart and a sincere smile conquers all”

This has to be a quote that initially if you look at you immediately think “In recent times? ummm No” I mean WHO in their right mind would want to be KIND in 2017?! you would be screwed.

I am a generally “kind” person… or at least I like to think of myself that way. I am sure people around me would vouch for that. I would get up and bring you a refreshing glass of water when you enter the house after a long day, I would buy you gifts that you actually need and like.. I would forget my tiredness and do the chores if you are sick… I would do your part of the deal as LONG as I have an ounce of energy left… I will give up that last bits of fries for you.. If only very little milk left… I will serve it for you and not myself..You get the gist..

Over the years I started to feel like people were starting to take advantage of my “niceness”. They forgot that this is sort of like a favor that I do for them (not in hopes of returns, but in hopes of people thinking i’m  nice :P). They start to assume it is their birth right.

One thing I am going to tell you today is that “IT’s human nature!!” you can’t possible expect others to be nice to you because you are that way. It is physically emotionally impossibly for someone to feel 100% exactly same as you.

It is difficult to understand that at first but with time you start to understand people’s POVs. Good or Bad; everyone has their own perspective to life, and they will utilize what ever opportunity they can to use you to make their lives easier.

Then you become bitter. You slowly start retracting your self and stop yourself from offering to help out. But you know what that does? In the midst of it all, someone who truly needs your help is left stranded.

The struggle is REAL! What you need to do is figure out a threshold. draw a line. learn to say no. It is OKAY to say NO. You are not superman/superwoman. You can’t be there for everybody. It is perfectly fine if you don’t “feel like” doing something.

I have no definite answer, whether a kind heart is more pain full than a Not-so-kind heart. I have yet to figure that one out..

If you have anything to say, do comment…!


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