What it really means to have a newborn at hand.

A friend of mine had her first baby recently. When she finally got some time to herself, she texted me to ask some questions… important questions that NO ONE tells you about… and you can only begin to fathom once you yourself become a Mommy.

A snippet of conversation between my friend and I:

Me: “Hey, how are you?” 2:00 pm

Friend: “Sleepless. I have slept for a week!” (This is wen her daughter is 6 days old). This  is going to require a lot of change.” 2:34 pm

“Of course, a drastic change of lifestyle. Everything you have known or THINK you know is not going to make sense and it is like starting your life over.In this new role, with such an important responsibility.” 2:35 pm

“She wants to feed every 1 hour! I feel like I am going to die breastfeeding her…I am so sore all the time! Am I a bad mother? I think I want to consider bottle feeding…” 2:35 pm

“You can do what you think is feasible man,  bottle or no bottle; she is your daughter. You are the one staying up all night. YOU get to decide what is and is not good for her. Although I do suggest to try to stretch it a year … or at least 6-8 month of pure breastfeed as it is great for the kid’s health.” 2:36  pm

“I am so FAT. Will I ever get thin again? If I exclusively feed her? Will that work?” 2:45 pm

“It will to a certain extent. But to tone you need to work out-“2:45 pm

“HOW? I NEVER GET ANY TIME…she will ALWAYS be THERE!” 2:46 pm

“Try to make time.. after a while you will see her schedule will start shaping up and she will sleep more. You will get time to yourself” 2:47 pm

“I feel like all I do all day is change diapers and feed her. But I LOVE HER. SO it is all good” 3:05 pm

“I still feel that way. I work full time, and when I am home on the weekends I feel like that is all I am doing! And my son is Potty Trained.” 3:05 pm

“How will I POTTY TRAIN? I don’t know how to do that” 3:08 pm

“In good time things will come to you. All mothers manage to learn somehow”.3:08 pm

“I want to watch a movie, and relaxxxxx” 3:09 pm

“Relaxxx … remember you can’t pour from an empty cup..Do not be shy of asking for help, from your hubby or in laws or your mother or sis.. get some sleep when the baby sleeps. That way you will be up and ready to go next time she is up! You deserve it.”3:10 pm

” This is SO HARD. No one told me anything like this was gonna happen.” 3:11pm

“Yup. Welcome to Motherhood.”3:11pm

“I got to go. She pooped.”  3:23 pm

“Sure babe.” 3:23 pm 

2 days Later:

“Heyyyyy how are youuuu? hows the lil one?”

Last Seen 3:23pm

To be continued…




Gerard Cosmetics Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Instead of all the other very Talked about options available in the market for “soft matte liquid lipsticks” I opted for GC Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipsticks.

It was a sudden and easy decision to make really.. I got 4 of them and they were kind enough to gift me with a gloss in their new packaging with lighting and a mirror on the side of the container 😀 I was over the moOn! The shades I got were 1995, Cher, Mile High, and Invasion. 1995 because I had been reading around blogs for some advice as I was going to order them online and had no real way of testing them. I also realized that it was one of the most famous shades…very wearable and amazing staying power.

I particularly liked the texture of the matte lipstick. It is a very easy to use and not over dry at all. You have enough time to add color to your lips and shape them as you like… and slowly the lipstick dries up into perfection! You just have to be careful with it for like 1 to 2 minutes… and then its good to go for the entire day. I wear Mile High and Cher to work sometimes and it is the only! one in my makeup bag that lasts as long. Literally, I apply it around 8 a.m. I go to work, drink water through out the day, I eat lunch… munching later in the day.. and when I get home around 6:30 7 p.m. IT IS still THERE! Unless of course you eat like… ice lolly or something. .. but yea the point is.. although it comes for a heavy price tag of $20/each, the lasting power justifies it. I have some more easy-on-the-wallet options that cost me under $10. But they don’t last me even half the day. I always have to touch it up. Hence i go out of the product faster.

Another thing I loved about GC was their color range. They offer very different shades that are a bit difficult to find in other brands… Like Invasion. It is the perfect greyish lavender…this is how they describe it:


I was convinced at GREY TONEd….!!! I wear MAC NC35 or NC40 in summers.. had been looking for a grey tone lip color to match my skin tone for a LONG time. I have to say.. it is nOT the usual lipcolor choice for me. BUt oh BOy does it look goooood… I enjoyed it all winter…!!!

I also love finding DUPES. So if you know any Dupes for these shades please comment below!


Kids & Social Anxiety

I have lately been noticing that my son gets uneasy around a large gathering of people. Maybe it is just me, but I could swear that he has developed social anxiety. As a first time mom, I was totally confused how to tackle it.

So I turned to the good ole Google. This is the definition it gave me:

Children and teens with social anxiety disorder have an excessive and persistent fear of social and/or performance situations such as school, parties, athletic activities, and more.

It involved intense self-consciousness and fear of embarrassment… Mostly what i got from google was what my husband kept telling me: “It is all in your head.” In addition, google kept giving lists and lists of symptoms that would go to show that a child really does have social anxiety.

I feel bad for using these terms without actually understanding the depth of them. So I have completely stopped saying it. I can’t imagine people actually having these feelings, and I hope my son or any ones child for that matter, goes through such a horrible ordeal. We use these words so lightly and deliver our diagnosis with no real knowledge of Psychology. It is normal if a child has fear of performing in public. And it is okay if they are fearful of an interaction. We all learn from our mistakes and we as mothers should encourage our kids to move forward and MAKE mistakes… just so we can look back and measure the extent of our learning.

Try not to instill fear of negative evaluation in your child. Always explain the child what they are doing wrong instead of yelling and screaming at them. Trust me they do understand, and if not at first, eventually do respond.

Long story short, I suppose he doesn’t sweat or shake or gets scared… but he does get irritable. WHICH is super irritating for me as well sometimes when I am trying to have an adult conversation with a friend or relative. After a lot of random researching, and discussions with hubby, I was constantly pointed towards the fact that a lot of “Only children” have these symptoms. They are so used to being alone, they prefer to avoid large gatherings, or weddings or play-dates that involve too many kids. Even when I take him to the Play Area at McDonald’s or the mall, he wants me to be within sight range. I guess the children without siblings are not used to the concept of sharing so much. I just hope he grows out of it with age as a lot of mothers have said he will.

*fingers crossed*

Goal, Determination & Consistency

your goal should be your primary focus.

set your mind to anything that you desire.

and know in your heart that if you believe in it, and you work hard enough,

for long enough,


hard work and determination always pay off.

If you feel tired and hopeless.

Know, that the ones who succeeded were the ones who convinced themselves to take that ONE MORE step Forward.

set shorter goals, little baby steps

it keeps you motivated and gives you a sense of achievement on a daily basis.


Chicken Pox in spite of Vaccination

So I have been absent for some time. Sadly, my son got Chicken Pox.

I am the kind of mom that is always ON TOP of things. I make sure I have alarms set for any up coming doctor’s appointments, I have school events scheduled on my phone, I have a calculated method of when the powder milk will run out, and regardless of having a full time job, I ensure I get him ready for school in the morning.

So you can imagine my shock, when despite ensuring that all the vaccinations have been completed as per age requirements-calling the hospital a gazillionnnnn times to confirm the ones that are not- he got Chicken Pox.

Initially I thought it was just a regular allergic reaction. Yea, I thought that. AND APPARENTLY so do a lot of moms. But luckily just the next day I noticed that the blisters were starting to form.  I immediately took him to see a Dermatologist at one of the biggest hospitals available in our city.

What was shocking for me was the following:

a) Chicken Pox isn’t just triggered, it is usually caught from someone. My poor baby unfortunately got it from his PlayGroup. So when the Dr. said there is a 90% chance he got it from school IF no one at HOME as it, I called the Montessori.

b) When I contacted the school, they immediately checked the students in his class. Turns out a student HAD it and had been coming to school regardless. I was so surprised to know that. I was a little bit furious also. I mean the FIRST thing I did was isolate him. I guess a lot of 1st time mothers really have no clue about it.

So, in the light of that, here is a list of things you should DO and you should NOT do when you feel your child has weird itchy rashes/blisters/varicella:

  1. DO Not. I repeat, Do not send your kid to any public place i.e School, Playground, malls etc. where other kids might have a danger of catching it.
  2. See a Doctor immediately. So you know exactly what your child has and can medicate him accordingly.
  3. Do not give them a shower until you consult a doctor. It would just spread the germs and may even dry out the skin therefore making it itchier.
  4. Spread Neem Tree (Azadirachta indica) leaves all over the sleeping/chilling area of your kid and throw a sheet over it. Neem has antiseptic qualities …plus all the grandmas suggest it so there must be a method to it.
  5. Use Calamine lotion as per Dr’s instructions… do not over do it… again… it may over dry the skin and make it worse…
  6. and the famous.. DO NOT SCRATCH===> It will scar.
  7. Do isolate your kid, keep them in a separate room preferably… clean the room/bathroom regularly… change sheets daily until they Chicken pox is completely gone.

Other than that.. please consult and follow what your dr. has prescribed for your child. Keep him/her safe.. along with other kids. And read a little bit.. it will enhance your common sense!


Decluttering: 2017 edition

WHAT is this talk of clutter and declutter all around town!

Everywhere I turn, there are home organizing gurus on YouTube… posting videos about it, bloggers are writing posts about it, and people are re-posting and discussing it on Facebook/Instagram.

So, after being subconsciously reinforced to re-think the clutter in my room, I finally thought during the last days of December 2016 “hey, maybe its high time I go through my drawers and wardrobe and figure it out”. No it did not happen over night. To be precise, I was thinking this since October 😛

Yes I know and understand exactly how lazy people get to “clean up” around the house. It is a daunting exercise and many people avoid it for as long as possible. I did the same procrastinating; I am human.

So I started off by firstly looking around my room. I wanted to analyze the room to figure out how I could make it better … How could I make the room more visually appealing. Then of course, I thought “I should Pinterest ! in order to figure out what I should/could change. So I Pinterest-ed for like weeks…then! finally I allotted a budget to my new found goal “Bedroom declutter/makeover”

I firstly got rid of (folded and stored in the basement) the super sentimentally beautiful piece of clutter in my room; The Crib. It had been lying there for years and  my son just doesn’t sleep in it. I tried, but some thing or the other would come up and he would be in our bed again.

Eventually I realized it was just sitting there; a storage unit for his toys and laundry that needs folding. Sometimes I’d dump clothes that are too small now and don’t fit…that I plan to either put away or give to charity soon (which hardly ever happens). Usually the bags just sit there in the basement until they catch enough dust to motivate me to finally forward them 😛

I was a woman with a mission. My plan initially was to put up some nice curtains that would give the room a more “together” look…and then move from there. After that, a few more days passed……………… >> to December 31.. I sat there thinking “What happened to my plan? it has been over a month since the curtains… and I sort of just forgot about the clutter!”

So I grabbed a trashcan and went at it. I started with the most easiest “dumping” area…the Bedside tables. It can be overwhelming to start but trust me…just start somewhere..small…or big.. just start. So I went through the 4 drawers ( 2 each side) asking my self:

“Do I really need this?”

“Will I really use it?”

And if the answer was no…in the trash it went.

You won’t believe … after about 20 minutes..i had 1 empty drawer…and another drawer that only has a couple important data cables and phone charger. 🙂 I feel so proud.

Then I moved over to my builtin wardrobe. I haven’t completely finished clearing up that yet. But I am well on my way 🙂 also, an empty shelf in there… how AWESOME is THAT? oooh secretly I can’t wait to fill it up again 😀 with something new…

Honestly. I do understand now ..a lil bit…what the hype is all about… although I must say a person’s sanity and peace of mind do not entirely depend on the cleanliness/junk around them….. but it does help to have a clear space that is visually appealing.

Wish me luck on my de-cluttering plan… and I wish you get the courage to start with your own!



Happy New Year 2017

A very Happy New Year ! May your year be filled with love and laughter and peace.. Peace is so important. It is the best thing anyone can wish for the other.

We live in a world of war and bloodshed, social media validation, and unnecessary labels. If you can learn to be at peace with what has been provided to you and focus on working hard towards your goals… you will always be happy.

I do not exactly have new year’s resolutions cause let’s face it.. very few people actually follow through. What I have, instead, is a goal in my mind. That I want to be happier with everything I have. Feel BLESSED at ALL TIMES. I have running tap water, my favorite food on the table, and most of all my baby boy sleeps in a protected, secure home. What else could I ask for?

After seeing the horrible pictures all year of the things happening to the Syrian children…I just prayyyy to God that everything that has been taken from them, may God replace it with something better.




Hummus and Pita

It was one of those days where you just do.not.want.to.cook.

So I said,”What is one thing that everyone loves and doesn’t require any slaving away at the stove?”

Hummus and (Ready made) Pita 😀

So here is a recipe I tried…and it turned out to be a HIT in the family!

You will need:

1 400g Can of Americana Chickpeas (or any brand easily available at your local store…or if you are up for it you could boil your own chickpeas)

Around 3-4 tblsp of Lemon juice

2 cloves of garlic

4 tblsp Sesame seeds

Olive oil

Salt to taste

How to:

So basically… drain the chickpeas in a bowl so you can save the water in the can.

Throw the chickpeas in a blender with garlic, lemon juice, sesame seeds and few tblsp of the water you saved from the can.

Start up the blender and slowly add 1 tblsp of olive oil at a time until the paste is smooth according to your liking.

You may add more water from the can if you feel it’s not blending right.. i actually ended up using like all of it.

add the salt and blend some more..

Dish out in a pretty bowl and garnish with chopped parsely/coriander and olive oil and 3-4 chickpeas 🙂

Ta-daa… That is all you have to do. I served it with ready made pita bread from the store that I heated up in the toaster oven.

Happy Easy Cooking 😀