The Talk

We all know that “Talk”right? The one our moms have with us right before we are married. (In some cases you hear it all through your teenage life.) You know the one I’m talking about;

Here is a roundup of the Top 4 offensive things that are often said to Desi Bride-to-Be’s

  1. “My daughter, you are getting married into a nice family, be thankful of that.”

    (jee mom you say that as if I don’t deserve them) .

  2. “Take care of them. Behave. Always stay quiet. If they say something just ignore it. Do not reply back. Respect the in-laws.”

    (What does respect have to do with staying quiet? why are we teaching our daughters that? speaking up for your self in a manner that is not offensive to any body is also do-able you know)

  3. “Don’t work if your husband does not allow it.”

    (well is he promising to spoil you like your dad did and to take care of all your expenses and demands? oh puhlease… educate the girls! Teach them to be independent so they have the opportunity to explore who they are and what they desire to become…& not just a shadow. if she personally wants to stay at home? that is her choice. Luckily that’s the one good thing about being a girl 🙂 you can choose).

  4. Learn how to cook perfectly! Serve their guests when they come over other wise they will question your mother’s upbringing.

    (WHO THE HECK put the meter to measure a woman’s upbringing INSIDE a CUP OF TEA made by her DAUGHTER?)

As per my experience, 85% of the “Talk” has been conducted with the young ladies and not the gentlemen. As a mother of a little boy, I feel it is just as important to have that TALK with a boy as with girls. For more honest take on that please watch this space!

Please read a post I have previously wrote to the Parents of Daughters.



Tikka Club Sandwiches

When I am super tired of cooking all the curry and gravy-licious food… I do a harsh U-turn and opt for something dry and spicy! My favorite thing to serve on weekends is Tikka Club Sandwiches; they are light, an easy snack for Movie time with the hubby and quick to assemble. Moreover you can pop the leftover chicken/meat in your fridge for use on Mondays!

So here is what you will need (makes around 4 sandwiches depending on how filling you want your sandwich)

Ingredients & Method:

Take 1/2 kg Boneless chicken
Add 1 tsp Ginger garlic paste
2-4 Tblsp of SHAAN TIKKA MASALA (Already contains salt)
1 tblsp Yogurt
Juice of 1 Lemon
1 chopped Green Chilli
Chopped onions! (Optional )

Marinate the Chicken and set aside for like 30 minutes.

Heat oil in a wok; add the marinated chicken and saute until the meat is cooked and there is no gravy.



Take a piece of your favorite bread, spread ketchup/mustard/mayo. Basically any sauces of your liking. I personally love mustard. Then top it with the cooked hot Chicken!!
Top that with Lettuce Leaves, and another Slice of bread.
I like to add a plain omelette to it to make it more filling. So I make it with just salt and black pepper.
Add Cucumbers and tomato slices as per taste.. Cheese Slice!!!!! and voila! your done!

I consider this “healthy” food so I prefer serving it with baked potato wedges instead of fries. But that is totally up to you.


Enjoy your meal!







Choclate Chip Banana Muffins

Such an amazing recipe. I first made them in 6th grade Home Economics class. I will forever be grateful to my teacher Mrs. Foster for introducing this recipe to me. I think that is what made me fall in love with cooking.

Thankfully. At the end of the trimester she had made a spiral book of all the recipies we had made in class.

I am super excited to finally be able to make it for my baby who just loves them!

Warning: If you are on a diet. This ain’t for you 😉




Mix dry ingredients:

Flour 1.5 cups

Salt 1/4 tsp

Sugar 2/3 cup

Baking Powder 1.5 tsp


Mash 2 bananas

Add 1/4 cup Milk

1 large egg

1/2 cup melted butter

Mix into dry ingredients

Add 3/4 cup Choc Chip

Line a Muffine tray with cups and put equal amounts in em!

Throw em in a Preheated oven for 25 to 30 mins!

Enjoyyy with a Latte or Tea!