To the person who thinks I’m talking about you

Yes YOU. You know who you are. Always thinking that I am talking against/about/behind you. What you don’t see is that I am no gossiper like you. I do not have time for petty issues and the drama that you have so well embedded around the pathetic stage that you call L.I.F.E.

I don’t know why you would think that I worry about you and your whereabouts. Or GOD forbid, I am jealous of you? Cause really. I am far from it. I have no emotions related to you. I am so indifferent about you that I couldn’t care less if I tried. I do not have time. Don’t you see? Don’t you see when I come from a long day of work and I don’t complain? Don’t you see, when I am busy with my baby I don’t have enough strength to even look up? Don’t you see how many times I forget to eat dinner because the exhaustion won’t let me leave the bed? Don’t you realize how when you are sitting in front of me I smile a little more and talk a little less? Yes. It is because I am afraid. Cause I know you have a tendency to twist and turn all that I say. So I don’t speak. But don’t you believe that I do not speak UP because I don’t have a voice.

Oh I do. I have a voice. It is so strong, it shakes mountains. It is so vast that is resonates throughout the valley. It can be soft enough to soothe a crying baby. It can be sharp enough to put anyone in their place. However, you don’t have the strength or the intellect to understand the depth of it. I forever thought; “If I understand so does she/he”. No. What I now realize is that isn’t so. It never is.

So I keep my voice to myself. Until I meet someone who deserves to hear it and appreciate it. And to you I say, THAT person and his/her opinion matters. Not you. Or your thoughts. And I hereby refuse to acknowledge your voice. I don’t wanna hear it. I don’t have time. Keep your Star Plus dramas to yourself. Sshh!!


Too busy being a mamawifeyME.


Dear Parents of Daughters

So I came across this picture on Facebook and it triggered something in my head and I decided to write an open letter to all people who have girls.

A lesson for All parents who have daughters. Who undermine them because they are girls. And teach them that they must settle because they are Girls. Who force them to think Men are Luckier than them, Better than them, that men deserve everything they desire.

Who teach daughters to stay QUIEt no matter how bad the scenario… to not complain when the going gets tough.. to accept the responsibilities.. to CHANGE her life …to leave her social circle…NO.

No. Stop forwarding that mentality. Women have a very honored position in Islam. They are meant to be treated with love, care .. and they deserve all the pampering in the world … (regardless of their skin color, or the way they look).. aNd if you are Sooo obliged to follow this senseless culture.. at least have the decency to not compare that to Islamic teachings.

EVERY single day you will come across helpless women. Who cant stand up for themselves or speak up… or make a decision… And im not ashamed to say that I totally blame their Parents.. every time a daughter has low self esteem. It’s on you.

I think that’s enough rambling for today.