Lost hope, Lost Love

My mamma used to tell me “Beta har cheez jannay ki zaroorat nahi” in short that translates to “Ignorance is a bliss”. And boy was she right; in some cases.

When you are starting to freshly experience life as a young adult everything is about the NEW and EXCITEMENT. Things are either Black or White. There is rarely any grey area. I meet girls who are desperate to get married or very much against marriage. When asked about the reason why they feel a certain way they mostly point to instances that have taken place in their personal life, or in their circle (family or friends). They are missing the spark of hope. Hope for happiness, hope for feeling deserving of attention and love.

What I have been noticing in “early to  mid 20s” lot lately is that their idea of life and love and reality is very obscure. Is it the fact that too much knowledge is at hand now for these young women? Are they finding out unnecessary information that really is no business to a girl in her 20’s? all the instagramming and facebooking screwing up perspectives of life. Life doesn’t come with Filters honey, you have to create what you can with what you have available.

They have initially set super high expectations of the way life SHOULD be, and then they feel its too ideal and unrealistic. Something that, the chances of which are very minimal.

I used to feel the same way, and eventually I discovered something. At the turn of ‘adulthood’ I was finally starting to realize the difference. I knew that falling in love (crush) came with a thrill; an unknown…short term relationships were experimental and involved late night chats and shallow promises.

but LOVING continuously was a chore.. (in a good way). In order to love your partner the same amount as yesterday or more you had to struggle every day. every. day.

It is human nature; we tend to start taking things for granted after a while. In a long term relationship …in marriage you have to constantly remind your self of the first few moments of feelings that brought you here in the first place. You have to remind yourself day and night. When you feel down, when you feel like something is not right…

it is like you are planting a seed… and your hands are muddy… and you are sweating… and it is so!much! work! But you have ultimate hope in your heart that it will, in the end, bloom into a beautiful flower… 🙂

So what I am saying is that, happiness in a relationship is not attained in isolation. The daily aspects of “planting a seed of love and effort” are necessary for your input to grow and flourish.

At this point so many girls have said to me “IT is not a one-way traffic. There should be some sort of response from the other party as well”. Yes, you are right, but don’t you think the other person is thinking the same thing? At least start doing something nice, and you will see results…and have hope girls. Have hope. The Universe provides.


#liveLife #realLife #privacy #yolo

What happened to the era where the # sign was meant to represent number or to load credit to your prepaid cell connection? Why do we feel the need to put a hashtag on everything? Why is it that we can’t keep a simple family photo to ourselves?

People, now a days, tend to need approval at all forms of social media. One platform just doesn’t seem to be enough. We are constantly bombarded with the same photo of our neighbor’s 2 month old daughter or a friend’s recent trip to the beach on Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and what not. To be honest, I am a regular Facebook-er but basically I lurk in the background. Reading peoples statuses, articles they have posted and occasionally I may like a picture that pops up in my newsfeed. I was always a bit hesitant posting private pictures on Facebook because I had a vast friends list. Not as vast as some people I have come across with 1000s of friends.

It wasn’t until I joined Instagram that I started putting more pictures than I normally would. I liked the privacy I could design with a brand new account without having to privatize the photos in each album. I throw in a little # here and there just to see what the big deal is all about. But since I am not in the market for random followers, it doesn’t do me much good. I love though how when I started a hashtag for my son, all his pictures and videos would pop up in one place. And if I want to share the pics with someone I can just tell them to go search for it.

Sometimes I feel it is some propaganda arranged specifically to distract us from the realities of life, from the things that truly deserve our attention. We are so busy capturing a moment in a digital picture that we forget to live life as it is happening. We forget to smell the food when it arrives, we are busy clicking away when our child practices his first steps instead of being there of him in case he stumbles, we are busy taking “selfies” at weddings when really we should be mingling with relatives we have not met due to busy schedules/work/school. In the urgency of making a capsule out of our memories, we forget to live.

So lets turn off our Smartphones, Notes, Laptops and Tabs for one night, and read a good book, spend time with a loved one, go out and interact with real people!