Ramadan Kareem!

May this auspicious month bring loads of blessings and happiness to your home!

Be grateful for what you have. Ask for more blessings. This is the month where every good deed’s reward is multiplied! Try to spend as much time as you can in training your mind and body to bear the hardships that will be coming your way. Remember, Ramadan is just training to conquer the worldly desires…The Shaytaan (Devil) is locked up during this month.

The test will begin when Ramadan ends… and he is let out. Practice makes perfect! Goodluck!


she was never crazy.

she was never crazy.

she just didn’t let her heart settle in a cage.

she was born wild, and sometimes we need people like her.

for it’s the horrors in her heart which cause the flames in ours.

and she was always willing to burn for everything she has ever loved.

~unknown author


Healthy Snackin’ Ideas


As promised, here are the different snackin’ & munchin’ pouches I made for traveling. Actually these are so healthy you could just keep some lying around at home for easy access… that way you won’t be tempted to ruin your diet by having 2 packs of Doritos 😛

  1. Dried Fruits/Nuts: I bought packets of a bunch of different dried fruits/nuts that I liked. I used Cashews, dried apricots, pistachio, almonds and raisins for some sugar! (You can use your favorites). Then I just mixed it all in a bowl and made small servings in zip-lock bags. Easy to handle even for my son anddd you can keep 1 in your purse for instant munching and put away the rest in your carry-on.
  2. Cereals: Another great option is to go for cereals. My son loves to snack on Chocos, Froot loops and Frosted flakes. So I made a little zip-lock bag of that as well. It is sweet so keeps the baby happy… and you don’t feel too guilty about it. And if need arises you can just add some milk to it for some cereal goodness.
  3.  Popcorn & candy:I made some popcorn at home (I don’t like to use the microwave kind), 1 pack of m&m, some bread sticks (or you could use pretzels) and peanuts. I made 2 small bags for snacking. (This one was a hit!should have made moreeee)

If you are traveling with a baby soon please also read Surviving a Flight with the Toddler. Hope it’s helpful!



Wow Benefits of Blogging

On Point! I just couldn’t agree more. Build. Support. Inspire!


Blogging is indeed inspiring. This must be true for most of us. The world is full of talented people and everyone does not get an opportunity to present their potential. People don’t call you an author or a writer unless they see your work being published. True?

It helps the following ways –

Genuine Publicity – That’s where blogging plays a crucial role. It gives a platform to an ordinary person like me to express my thoughts and present them to the world. How we get a lot of publicity for free. People genuinely follow and read your posts. “Yay! I am an author now officially. My works is published and has reached a lot of people. ” An absolutely out of this world feeling, isn’t it?

Building Relationships – How is it like to know a lot of like minded people and be fascinated with their work and…

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I Have All These Ideas But No Motivation — A Millennial’s Insights

Story of my life. I have all these great ideas in my head. Why don’t I reorganize my bedroom? Learn a new skill? Make plans to travel to New Zealand? Or apply to graduate school? Unfortunately, the step from thinking of an idea to actually taking action is just too big for me. I am inherently […]

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