all about everything

So over the years I have always wanted to be a “writer”. I do not really understand whether it was my love for reading or just an attempt to get my voice heard without really having to really SAY anything. Sigh. But, by contradicting a very strict regime of the norm that “Girls in our culture can ONLY be a Doctor” I chose to become an Accountant. Dry? I know, it can be.

Anyways. I keep going through all these blogs on the internet and I noticed how convenient it was to be out there and sharing what you had to say.

So here I am. Will be sharing my 10 year analysis of the complex war game we call Desi culture (which I am STILL in the process of figuring out). Some experiences (and warnings) shared with my handsome 1 year old Toddler. And possibly leaking some Men-related-wisdom-and-theories that I have obtained from my darling hubby! So do keep coming back!



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